Puppy Bowl marathon a sure touchdown for Animal Planet

Puppies playing on the field for Puppy Bowl XVI.. Image Courtesy Damian Strohmeyer/Animal Planet
Puppies playing on the field for Puppy Bowl XVI.. Image Courtesy Damian Strohmeyer/Animal Planet /

A Puppy Bowl marathon sounds like a great idea!

A Puppy Bowl marathon sounds like just what the dogtor ordered right now, and Animal Planet has delivered.

On Monday, March 30 (and the early morning hours of Tuesday, March 31), they’re replaying every Puppy Bowl contest between the pre-team days of Puppy Bowl VII and last month’s Puppy Bowl XVI, which was the first game with the new team colors.

As sports fans, the Dog O’Day staff of course take it very seriously, and so it must be covered that way as well. (With a smile, of course, because the concept is a little ridiculous in a perfect way.)

If you aren’t familiar with how the annual Super Bowl parody works, please check out our explanatory guide of the game’s history.

Basically, over several days shelter dogs from all over the country are filmed playing, and then that footage is edited together to mimic a football game. It’s pretty great – there are adorable puppies and other animals, shelters are helped out by the exposure, there are puns galore (intentional ruffness, pass interfurence), and finally, it’s just hilarious in a “warm and fuzzy” kind of way.

Companies also use it as a way to market their products on Super Bowl Sunday without paying stupendous prices for ad time, and restaurants like Sonic Drive-In and food companies like Grounds and Hounds Coffee offer promo tie-ins.

Even better, all the participants who have been part of the 16 games have been adopted afterwards.

This ties in well to the recent trend of celebrities adopting and fostering shelter dogs, like Friday Night Lights‘ Coach Eric Taylor himself, Kyle Chandler, or The Gifted‘s Skyler Samuels or Riverdale‘s Lili Reinhart.

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Busch Beer is also offering a three-month supply of beer to those who adopt or foster dogs from a Minneapolis-based shelter; our friends at FanSided Network sister site FoodSided have the details.

For more information about when which games are airing, see the Puppy Bowl marathon schedule on the Animal Planet website.