Meet Buckley, the star of Call of the Wild

Photo: The Call of the Wild.. Image Courtesy 20th Century Fox
Photo: The Call of the Wild.. Image Courtesy 20th Century Fox /

Buckley is the star of Call of the Wild, but the pup comes from humble beginnings and is, in fact, a rescue. Let’s learn more about him!

While casting for the movie, Call of the Wild, Jessica Steele Sanders was scrolling through adoptable dogs on Petfinder. As luck would have it, she came across Buckley and knew he was perfect! Buckley is the same breed mix as Buck (in the story he is a farm Collie, St. Bernard cross). It really couldn’t have been more perfect.

Despite the pup being seen in various distressing situations in the movie, Call of the Wildrest assured that is all CGI. Harrison Ford and Buckley had the help of CGI to take over for stunts. This is something many animal advocates applauded the movie for, as they put animal safety first and kept the four-legged star out of harm’s way at all times.

Call of the Wild follows Buck, a spoiled dog who is stolen from his lavish home in California. He ends up being sold as a sled dog in the north. He meets John Thornton (Ford), who saves Buckley’s life. The two quickly bond.

Watch how handsome this guy is walking the red carpet! We’re so proud of you, Buckley!

Read even more about Buckley from The Dog People, HERE. And be sure to show your support by watching the movie. It is sure to be a tear-jerker.

While many film critics have criticized the movie for using too much CGI (the movie poster does appear a little odd), animal lovers are happy the studio made this decision. We can overlook CGI images and scenes if it means our animal friends are safe and sound. Wouldn’t you agree?

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Call of the Wild is in theaters Friday, Feb. 21. Will you be watching the movie this weekend?