Dog-Eared Reads: Lost and Found by Rick R. Reed

Photo: Lost And Found by Rick R Reed.. Image Courtesy Written Ink Designs/JMS Books.
Photo: Lost And Found by Rick R Reed.. Image Courtesy Written Ink Designs/JMS Books. /

When one man loses his best friend, and another finds him, how do you determine who a “Lost and Found” Beagle truly belongs to? Time for a compromise.

We love a good Dog-Eared read here at Dog O’Day, and while there are plenty of classics featuring dogs, sometimes you want something new. Luckily for us, we have plenty of books to choose from in any number of genres. For our latest Dog-Eared read, we are taking a look at Lost and Found by Rick R. Reed.

If you are looking for a book that features a romance and a lovable Beagle who finds not one, but two men to love him, then Lost and Found is the book for you. (And as someone who has had a pup go missing, I recommend at least one box of tissues at your side at all times when reading.)

So you might be wondering exactly what the story is about. Basically a Beagle named Barley ends up getting separated from his owner, Flynn Marlowe, and ends up being found emaciated and needing a home by Mac Bowersox. While Flynn is heartbroken over losing his pup, Mac has found a best friend in this four-legged companion.

When these two men randomly come in contact with each other, they realize a shocking fact, the Beagle Flynn lost is the same one that Mac found. But what happens next? After all, both men love Barley and want him for themselves. Perhaps a compromise is in order, after all, shared custody is an option, even when talking about a dog.

And what happens when Mac and Flynn get to know each other? Maybe it won’t be so hard to share Barley after all.

Lost and Found from Rick R. Reed is as much a romance, as it is a tale of one pup’s journey home. And with two dog lovers at the heart of this story, as well as their shared Beagle, you know this is going to be a satisfying read.

Any time we can snag a read that hits us in the feels, while also delivering a story we can’t put down, we are here for it. The fact that we can also pick Lost and Found up as an e-book for $4.99 is just an added bonus.

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We are always looking for our next great Dog-Eared read here at Dog O’Day, and thanks to Rick R. Reed we have found it. (And if you like books with a food-loving focus have no fear, as he has you covered with those too!)