Fuller House loses their beloved dog Cosmo after surgery complications

Photo: Fuller House: Season 2.. Image Courtesy Michael Yarish/Netflix
Photo: Fuller House: Season 2.. Image Courtesy Michael Yarish/Netflix /

Fuller House has lost a beloved member of their TV family. Cosmo, the dog who basically grew up on the set of the show has passed away.

Sad dog news from the world of Netflix’s Fuller House. It seems that the show’s beloved pup Cosmo, who grew up on the set, has passed away.

According to TVLine, a tweet from the Fuller House Twitter account revealed the sad news that Cosmo died following complications from surgery. And while we may not know what surgery or what happened, it is definitely sad news for all fans of the show.

On social media, the cast of Fuller House has offered up their own farewells to the beloved pup who many have watched grow up on the set. A tweet from the show itself said, “There will never be another quite like our boy. We’ll miss him forever.”

Fuller House
Photo: Fuller House: Season 1.. Image Courtesy Michael Yarish/Netflix /

Another tweet from Candace Cameron Bure, the star of Fuller House said, “Our sweet boy Cosmo is now running around in doggie heaven. I imagine he’s playing with Comet right now.”

For those unfamiliar with Comet, he is the pup that was part of the original series, Full House, which Fuller House spun off from. In an effort to tie the two dogs together, Cosmo’s character was said to have been the grandson of Comet. And while this may not have been true in real life, it certainly adds another layer of sadness to the story.

Over on Instagram, Soni Nicole Bringas shared a picture with Cosmo and a caption that began with this sweet tribute, “Cosmo, you completed our family. You were such a good boy, always working hard, excited to play and every single one of us loved getting to see you each week.”

Cosmo was clearly as much a member of the TV family as any of the humans and it makes sense that the show’s stars would be saddened by the pup’s passing. In fact, even if you never watched the Full House revival, it is always sad news to learn of a dog’s death. And the fact that it is due to surgical complications makes it feel like even more of a blow since it makes the news that much more unexpected.

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We are sad to hear of Cosmo’s death, as it is clear that he was well-loved by his TV family. We hope that wherever he is, he is getting all the treats and toys he could ever want.