2019 World Series: The best all-dog baseball rosters

Rookie the Batdog at work. Photo provided by Trenton Thunder.
Rookie the Batdog at work. Photo provided by Trenton Thunder. /
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Holland the Pup at Oracle Park. Photo by Adam Vosding
Holland the Pup at Oracle Park. Photo by Adam Vosding /

Holland the Pup uses her baseball history lessons from Dad to assemble her ideal team for the 2019 World Series.

[Editorial note – Holland’s response has been trimmed slightly for clarity, but she knows her baseball – she’s visited 10 Major League Baseball stadiums, and been inside four of them. We would totally read her blog if she had one.]

Hi guys, it’s Holland the Pup checking in as the 2019 World Series starts! I was hopeful my hometown Tampa Bay Rays could pull off the series win against the Astros, but man do the Astros ever have a good team this year!

Now here I am trying to decide who I want to win the World Series this year. I tend to root for the American League more than the National League (kind of like how I always seem to root for SEC football teams when they play games against other conferences), so I guess I’ll be pulling for the Astros and the AL in the World Series this year, even thought it’s been really fun to watch the Nationals’ success this season!

And boy, who doesn’t love the heart and hustle from Jose Altuve? He actually reminds me of my cousin, Irma, who I just met on my current trip to Canada. Irma is a spunky little French Bulldog who’s always full of enthusiasm and always lifts up all the other dogs when we’re playing together. That got me thinking – what kind of dogs would make the best baseball players at each position? This is what I came up with:

Pitcher: I always feel batters can be intimidated by a strong, tall pitcher. Kind of like Randy Johnson back in the day. I bet a Great Dane would be awesome on the mound!

Catcher: These guys are the most underrated players on the field. They are involved in every play and play a huge role in the success of a pitcher. I’ve heard Border Collies are super smart and agile, so I think they would be great behind the plate.

First base: My dad remembers Cecil Fielder and Frank Thomas being big powerful first-basemen back in his day. I bet an English Mastiff would be awesome at first base!

Second base: I just talked about Jose Altuve, one of the best second basemen around, reminding me of my cousin Irma who I mentioned earlier who’s a French Bulldog, so I’d have to go with a quick, nimble, and spunky Frenchie to cover second base.

Shortstop: The Cardinals’ Ozzie Smith was one of my dad’s favorite shortstops of all time. He said Ozzie would often do a backflip when coming on to the field. I have a friend back in Tampa named Percy (named after the Florida Gator and NFL star Percy Harvin) who is a Jack Russell Terrier and I think they would make the perfect shortstop.

Third base: My dad says there have been many good third basemen, like Wade Boggs, Chipper Jones, George Brett, and Mike Schmidt. These guys aren’t the slimmest of guys, but they are quick, strong, and smart. If you ask me, these are all the qualities of a German Shepherd. I bet they would rock covering third base.

Right field: I may be a little biased here, but since I’m a Lab-mix I know us Labs love to go catch things! I bet we would be great in right field.

Left field: Although they aren’t the slimmest of any dog I’ve ever seen, I just hung out with my friend Sadie who’s a Golden Retriever and man is she ever quick to go retrieve a ball! A Golden Retriever would be my pick for left field!

Center field: Being a fan of the Toronto Blue Jays and Tampa Bay Rays, I have been spoiled over the past several years watching two of the best center fielders to ever play the game: Kevin Pillar and Kevin Kiermaier. I never know what guy is the better one between the two, but I know they each have highlight reels as long as a CVS receipt! I’ve seen lots of Australian Shepherds make some phenomenal Frisbee catches that remind me of Pillar and Kiermaier and I bet an Australian Shepherd would make the best center fielder.

Holland can be followed on Instagram at the handle @HollandThePup, and her dad Adam Vosding can be followed on Facebook at Traveling Food Dude and on Instagram and Twitter at the handle @TravelingFoodDude.

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Who do you think will claim the 2019 World Series?