Ovie the Bulldog on hockey, friendship and snacks

Photo: Ovie the Bulldog.. Image Courtesy Michael Robertson
Photo: Ovie the Bulldog.. Image Courtesy Michael Robertson /
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Photo: Ovie the Bulldog and Bark-Andre Furry.. Image Courtesy Rick Williams
Photo: Ovie the Bulldog and Bark-Andre Furry.. Image Courtesy Rick Williams /

Dog O’Day – How did you and Bark become friends? It had something to do with the 2018 Stanley Cup Final, right?

Ovie the Bulldog – Bark and I were “aware” of each other as the playoffs progressed. Eventually when it looked like our teams would meet, we started DM conversations on what it was like
being a hockey dog, how the playoffs were going for each of us and the potential to
meet up after the Stanley Cup Final was over on my drive back to San Diego.

Win or lose, we built a great respect for each other, we just cheer for different teams. We wanted to show fans you can have fun and be friends. We hung out the week of the NHL Awards [these are separate from the NHL Fan Choice Awards] in Vegas and the best Hockey Dog friendship was born!

Dog O’Day – Have you given Bark and Sir Winston advice on being a good big brother?

Ovie the Bulldog – Bark and I are about the same age. Of course, Saffy Bean is also 10 so Deke is probably a bit more ornery than when we rescued Saffy. Oliver is a fun pup and lucky to have
Winston. I just told them “Your stuff is now their stuff too….sharing makes it fun.”

Dog O’Day – Why does Saffy love riding in the Jeep so much?

Ovie the Bulldog – She loves the freedom. She lived a hard life as a breeder dog and hadn’t been treated well. Whereas I am NOT a fan of rides. From growing up in Maryland and the drives to visit
family in New Jersey to the nine drives across the USA, my odometer is FULL.

Dog O’Day – Are there any dogs (alive or historical) that you look up to, and if so, how come?

Ovie the Bulldog – I look up to all the mascot dogs who helped blaze a trail into social media. It’s come a long way to show how much fun we can have. And people love sports and dogs/cats.

Dog O’Day – Who among the pen pals of Dog Twitter would you enjoy meeting in person?  

Ovie the Bulldog – There are so many I would love to meet. I’ve been Twitter pals with Gustl Kopitar for several years, I remember when he just started on Twitter. Unfortunately, our schedules never sync up when I’m in LA.

I tried to meet as many Caps Canines as possible on my last visit to DC. I’d have loved to meet Bryant Tupper, Magoo, and Porterhouse  – all great Bulldogs of Twitter and Instagram, was saddened when they all passed.