Uber Pet means your dog can join you on your next ride without problems

Catching an Uber or Lyft with a dog used to be a guessing game. But now thanks to Uber Pet, your dog can join your ride without issues.

Over the years, Uber and Lyft have given many people more options when it comes to getting around. And while these services have been great for people who don’t or can’t drive, if you have a dog there have been plenty of times when your driver has made it clear that your pup was not welcome. But now with the help of Uber Pet, all of that is changing.

It seems that Uber is finally throwing dog owners a bone (of sorts) when it comes to allowing your pup to travel with you (which is also important if you need to get your pup to the vet). According to a report from Fast Company, the ride share program is currently testing the Uber Pet option in select cities in the United States. Among the cities which will take part in the test, which starts on Oct. 16, are places like Austin, Philadelphia, Nashville, and Phoenix.

There will be a surcharge to use the Uber Pet option, much like if you were choosing an UberX over a standard ride. The surcharge for riding with your pup will either be $3 or $5, and a portion of that fee will go to the driver. And the option will be in the same area as the Uber Pool and UberX selections, which means it won’t be hard to select the Uber Pet choice on your next ride.

The benefit of having Uber Pet is the knowing that your driver will definitely allow your dog in the car with you, rather than worrying that they will say no or cancel your ride after you have been waiting. Honestly, we love the fact that Uber is finally working with dog owners to make going places with your pup easier. And it also makes us want to support them as a ride share company.

Hopefully the Uber Pet test ends up being a success for the company so that we can all benefit from this option. After all, we want to be able to go to a friend’s house with our pup, even if we don’t have a car to do it ourselves.

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What do you think of Uber testing a dog friendly riding option? Do you think this a feature you would use? Tell us what you think in the comments.

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