Krypto takes over the Titans Instagram for New York Comic Con

Titans -- Ep. 204 -- "Aqualad" -- Photo Credit: Sven Frenzel / 2019 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Titans -- Ep. 204 -- "Aqualad" -- Photo Credit: Sven Frenzel / 2019 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved. /

Krypto has finally arrived as a member of the Titans team. Or at least he made it to New York Comic Con to take over their Instagram account.

As Titans fans, we have been eagerly waiting for the arrival of Superboy and Krypto the Superdog. And while we know these two will be making an appearance in the second season, over the course of the first few episodes, they have been noticeably absent.

However, with New York Comic Con underway, it seems we are finally getting to see Krypto in action. Of course, it is not on the series itself, but rather thanks to his takeover of the show’s Instagram account.

Not only did we get a post starring the super pup himself, but he also shared some images to the account’s Instagram stories. And while we can’t wait for Krypto the Superdog to arrive on the actual show, this certainly was a great way to get us excited for when he does join the Titans team.

One of our favorite additions to the stories saw Krypto looking a bit windblown, with an animated cape on the pup’s back. For the caption, we get the iconic start to Superman’s well-known catchphrase, “it’s a bird… it’s a plane.” Seriously, this image was pure gold, and we are here for this comic respect.

Another image from the stories also showed Krypto meeting actress, Clarke Wolfe. And this led us to Wolfe’s Instagram, which actually gave us a few more images of our super pup being charming and sweet as pie.

The actress actually got kisses from Krypto, which certainly made us smile. And of course, their perfect photo poses had us falling in love.

Considering we are excited for the arrival of Superboy and Krypto on Titans, it was great to finally see our super pup in action, even if it was only as part of New York Comic Con coverage for the series. After all, we can appreciate the buildup to this particular hero’s arrival, as long as we are actually getting to see the pup in action soon. Luckily, this NYCC appearance worked to whet our appetites, at least temporarily.

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Are you excited to see Krypto taking over the Titans Instagram page? Are you looking forward to his official arrival on the series as well? Tell us what you think in the comments.