Our favorite doggy Super Bowl commercials from Super Bowl 53

Client: Animal PlanetAgency: Getty Images10_16_2018New York, NY
Client: Animal PlanetAgency: Getty Images10_16_2018New York, NY /
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What it’s for: WeatherTech PetComfort

What happens: A Golden Retriever wanders through the WeatherTech factory where they make a variety of vehicle floor mats and other car accessories while an impressive-sounding narrator talks about the company’s commitment to excellence and pleasant piano music plays in the background.

Suddenly, the dogs uses a cool Mission: Impawsible style paw scanner to access a hidden elevator into a basement level where the WeatherTech PetComfort feeding system is being developed and tested by a variety of humans and canines, respectively.

What we thought of it: To begin with, it has a Golden Retriever, so that’s hard to to top. Then there’s the low-key feel overall of the spot, with the obvious bit of high-tech gadgetry in the paw scanner amidst all the complicated machines at the factory.

Secondly, who knew that WeatherTech had a line of pet products? This was an extremely effective spot.