Product review: Pink Papyrus leash a solid choice

Pink Papyrus leash. Photo by Wesley Coburn
Pink Papyrus leash. Photo by Wesley Coburn /

If you’re looking for a new leash, a Pink Papyrus leash is a good bet.

If you’re in the market for a new leash for your pupper, we think a  Pink Papyrus leash is a good choice.

The Southern California-based company was originally in the dog clothing market when they got started in 2016, but have since expanded into bandannas, leashes and waste retrieval bags.

Made of one hundred percent cotton with all-natural vegetable dyes and no artificial ingredients, the leashes come in a wide variety of colors.

The full color range is: beige, black, bluesteel, blue ombre, living coral (orangeish),
coral ombre (pinkish-purplish), army green, pink, pink ombre, purple, and purple coral, about half of them come with gold accents. “Ombre” means that another color gradually comes through.

We tested their Medium/Large size Pink Papyrus leash this week, which is recommended for dogs weighing between 60 and 120 pounds, measuring six feet long and one inch around. and capable of withstanding force of up to 2300 pounds. The color was the classic pink with gold, which seemed appropriate, considering the company’s name.

The staff dog testers were Captain, a slightly overweight Labrador mix, and Banjo, a medium sized All American Dog (to use the American Kennel Club’s term for dogs of uncertain parentage). For most accurate results we would have had one of our trio of staff Great Pyrenees test it our as well, but collars large enough to fit their gigantic necks couldn’t be found.

The feel was incredibly smooth and soft in the hand, and the binding of the fibers seemed very strong. There is a nice-sized loop to hang on to, and a user could easily just slip a wrist or forearm into the gap if their hands were full with groceries or other items.

As Captain dislikes being on a leash (he tends to associate it with going to the vet), sometimes there was too much slack to the point of tripping over it.

Banjo, however, was very good and proved that if the dog wants to move, this leash is excellent.

The size and strength could almost double as a lead rope for goats or small horses if necessary.

The Small/Medium size option is four feet long and one inch around, recommended for dogs between five and 60 pounds.

The leashes range in price from $29 to $38, and they offer free shipping on orders of $30 or more.

if you’re interested in their bandannas, they range from $15 to $20 and come in six different designs.

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For more information about Pink Papyrus, see their website, or check them out on their Facebook and Instagram pages.