Seth Meyers spotlights Hallmark cards for dog moms

Seth Meyers chats with former Saturday Night Live castmate Amy Poehler on "Late Night." Photo by Lloyd Bishop/NBC.
Seth Meyers chats with former Saturday Night Live castmate Amy Poehler on "Late Night." Photo by Lloyd Bishop/NBC. /

Ahead of Mother’s Day, Seth Meyers spotlight on cards for dog moms.

With Mother’s Day coming up Sunday, May 12, last night (Thursday, May 9) late night host Seth Meyers spotlighted one of our favorite types of mom – dog moms.

That was the focus of the parody package titled “Hallmark Cards for Dog Moms.”

Filmed in the style of a Saturday Night Live mock commercial, several women talked about their fur babies on camera in the video segment.

Some of the cards read in part, “I love you fur-ever, Mom!”, “To my one and only pack leader,” and “To my pawfect mother.”

A narrator touted their practicality – “They’re cards you buy for yourself from your dog on Mother’s Day!”

Categories include “Dog mother,” “Funny dog mother,” “Dog mother from son,” “Dog mother from daughter,” “Dog mother from everyone,” “Dog mother from both of us,” “Religious dog mother,” “Dog mother sympathy,” and “Dog mother blank inside,” which seems to cover the full spectrum pretty handily.

Suggestions for how to properly fill out the card include writing the dog’s name in your non-dominant hand (so it looks childlike) and then acting surprised then you open the card in front of your precious pupper.

Some of the reasons the women give for not having human children include focusing on a career or not being financially stable enough to have kids, which are valid reasons, though as the narrator says, it’s really none of our business as strangers.

There would certainly be a market out there for this product, but at the same time, it’s still a funny idea for a snicker-worthy video. It’s likely the same demographic that feeds their pets nearly-human-quality food or cook elaborate meals for their doggos.

These probably exist in real life, and like canine bridesmaid dresses, are simultaneously ridiculous and really hecking cute. (Important pupdate: Hallmark does in fact make a variety of cards featuring and/or from dogs.)

The main guest of the night was Meyer’s former SNL castmate Amy Poehler (Parks and Recreation, Mean Girls), who was promoting her new Netflix movie Wine Country. For several seasons Meyers and Poehler cohosted the highly popular “Weekend Update” segment.

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