Charles Melton posts behind-the-scenes pictures playing with puppies for Buzzfeed

Charles Melton is spreading his wings thanks to his role on Riverdale. And that means more interviews, including one for Buzzfeed playing with puppies, which he shared behind-the-scenes pictures of on Instagram.

You know what makes any interview better? Getting to play with puppies. And luckily that is something that Buzzfeed knows and is gifting the world with. One celebrity who has apparently joined the puppy interviewing phenomenon is Charles Melton of Riverdale.

With a new movie under his belt, it makes sense that media outlets want to sit down with the actor to have him answer questions. And one of those outlets is of course Buzzfeed. How do we know this? Melton posted behind-the-scenes pictures with the puppies to his Instagram account.

While the interview itself has not been posted yet, thanks to both Charles Melton and the Rescue City Instagram accounts, we have pictures and even videos of the actor playing with the puppies. In the caption for Melton’s post, he simply says that this was “truly the best morning.” Over on the Rescue City (they are a non-profit organization helping rescues find their forever homes) Instagram, the caption was a bit more fun, as they left a message for the actor himself, “Thanks @melton for making FETCH happen for the #RCMeanGirls pups.”

Honestly, we are in love with these images. From the bundle of puppies in Charles Melton’s lap, to them climbing all over him to get his attention, it looks like this is going to be another winning Buzzfeed interview with puppies. Then again, any interview with puppies involved feels like a winner.

We can’t wait to see the Riverdale actor answering fan questions while these furry cuties climb all over him. As we have seen in other interviews with puppies in attendance, sometimes the pups let the celebrities answer the fans’ questions and other times it is all about these baby canines getting the attention they crave. Now, we just have to wait to see how Charles Melton handles all that furry cuteness distracting him.

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truly the best morning

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