The Magicians’ latest episode gave us the unexpected joy of puppies

THE MAGICIANS -- "The Cock Barrens" Episode 206 -- Pictured: (l-r) Hale Appleman as Eliot, Summer Bishil as Margo -- (Photo by: Eric Milner/Syfy)
THE MAGICIANS -- "The Cock Barrens" Episode 206 -- Pictured: (l-r) Hale Appleman as Eliot, Summer Bishil as Margo -- (Photo by: Eric Milner/Syfy) /

The Magicians is many things, and the series often touches on many different topics and tropes. But the sight of puppies was an unexpected joy in an episode filled with danger, magic, and even a fish.

When it comes to watching The Magicians on SyFy we expect to see things like dragons, gods, and witches. But one thing that we have not seen much of is dogs and puppies. And in an episode that included Quentin yelling at flowers, Margo being forced to stare at a fish in order to keep Josh alive, and Julia becoming a deadly goddess, it probably shouldn’t have been the puppies we noticed.

The thing about The Magicians is that it is so much more than just a story about witches, gods, and magic. It is about friendships, family, and doing what you need to do in order to save the people we care about. And that is part of what made the puppies stand out.

Dean Fogg has been this interesting character who has been as much a part of the problem, as he has been part of the solution when it comes to the problems that the Magicians face. And then in the second to last episode of Season 3, he stepped up to help save Kady and Zelda from the Poison Room, and in doing so he turned two members of the Library into puppies.

It was the Dean’s turn to make a difference and even in that small way, he did. He stepped up, he saved people in need, and he gave us puppies to look at.

Not only were we treated to the sight of those adorable puppies, but on Twitter, Elle Lipson, one of the writers for The Magicians shared the email she got from production about those pups. According to Lipson, it was up to her to decide which puppies were the right fit for the role. And to say that she had a hard choice on her hands is an understatement.

Not only were all three sets of puppies too cute for words, but obviously they had to be the right pups for the jobs. After all, these pups are actually Librarians. In the end, the writer made her choice, and we got to see the perfect pair of Yorkie puppies take on one of their greatest roles, as Librarians in The Magicians.

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There may be other more important aspects of this show that we could focus on, but as dog lovers, the greatest thing to us is seeing dogs and puppies on our screens in a positive way. And thanks to The Magicians, the penultimate episode of the season gave us everything we could have ever wanted and more. And yes, the more is totally those puppies.