2019 AKC Rally National Championship results

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Master Class

The highest level of rally competition, the Master Class of the 2019 AKC Rally National Championship was won by the very accomplished Golden Retriever Vega and Joanne Bockhorn of Marine, Illinois, who were the only team to earn a perfect score. Their time was 211.08 seconds.

In second place was Zayne the Border Collie and Kim Berkley from Caseyville, Illinois. They earned a score of 198 points and a time of 201.03 seconds.

Beau the Labrador was third with 198 points in 246.09 seconds; he and his owner Janet Bruner are from Cedar Hill, Texas.

In fourth was Shelby the Golden Retriever from the northern Arkansas town of Flippin, who belongs to Lisa Thompson. They scored 197 points in 238.53 seconds.

Rounding out the top five was Chai the Dutch Shepherd and Karen Hall from Pensacola, Florida, who scored 197 points in 304.84 seconds.

In sixth was Venus the Border Collie and Penny Leigh from Graham, North Carolina, who scored 196 points and finished with a blazing-fast time of 189.30 seconds.

Seventh was Beckett the Springer Spaniel and Kim Berkly with 196 points in 216.84 seconds. Beckett’s official name is “Polesitter Always,” which seems fitting.

Eighth was Leisel the Bouvier and Leslie Shimp of Ann Arbor, Michigan, who scored 196 points in 251.59 seconds. Ann Arbor is the home of the University of Michigan, and where Chris and Ann moved in Parks and Recreation. 

In ninth was Buffy the Bouvier and Pamela Fusselman of Beinngton, Nebraska. Appropriately, Buffy’s official name has “Vampire Slayer” in it. She finished with 195 points in 246.59 seconds, and the course was much safer from supernatural threats.

Closing out the top ten was Kiara the Husky and April Fingerlos from Parker, Colorado, with 191 points in 291.82 seconds.

28 dogs competed in the Master Class, full results can be found here on the AKC website.

Champion Class

There was also a Championship Class, even higher than Master Class, held at the 2019 AKC Rally National Championship, and it was won by Misty the Schipperke and Carol Davis of Watsonville, California. They scored 399 points with a time of 413.46 seconds.

In second place was local Belgian Tervuren Brandy and Gail Brown of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, who scored 399 points in 441.65 seconds.

In third place was Tucker the Border Collie with 397 points and a 327.25 second time. He belongs to Lisa Williams of Mantilus, New York.

Fourth place went to Stryker the Border Collie and Nancy Curtis of Ells Grove, Illinois, who scored 397 points in 369.56 seconds.

Rounding out the top five were Aurora the Border Collie and Brianne Farr of Dacula, Georgia, who totaled 395 points in 350.06 seconds. Aurora’s registered name is “Powerhouse Happily Ever After,” which is a pretty great name.

Joker the Border Collie and Shannon Alfer from Lincoln, Nebraska, were sixth, with 393 points and 392.03 seconds. Fittingly, Joker’s registered name is “Mayhem in Arkham.”

In seventh, with 389 points in 342.91 seconds, was Rev the Border Collie and Kim Berkley from Caseyville, Illinois.

In eighth was Perk the Border Collie and Jen Yates from Murfeesboro, Tennessee. They scored 389 points in 353.84 seconds.

In ninth was Zorro the Lab and Bob Fullum from Staten Island, New York, with a score of 388 points and a time of 429.05 seconds.

Rounding out the top ten were Holly the Australian Shepherd and Daniela Flores from Blaine, Minnesota, with 387 points in 361.66 seconds.

62 dogs competed in the Championship Class, full results can be found here on the AKC website.

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Congratulations to all these dogs and their owners and handlers! Stay tuned to Dog O’Day for most AKC National Championship coverage as the weekend goes on.