2019 WKC Dog Show: The best in social media reactions


The 2019 WKC Dog Show is over, but now it’s time to sort through the best social media reactions.

It’s one of the oldest sporting events in the country, with roots dating back to 1877. (For dogs, that’s well over 700 years.) While the main attraction was the WKC Dog Show, and to a lesser extent the Masters Agility Championship, in our opinion the social media reactions from Twitter and Instagram were one of the best parts of the mega-event.

(If you’re wondering, a Wire Fox Terrier called King won the dog show, our staff predictions weren’t especially accurate, and a Border Collie named Verb won the the overall agility competition, the fifth of his breed to accomplish that feat in six years of events.)

The Atlantic had a great selection of photos from Westminster Week, and an interesting behind-the-scenes short feature on a pair of conformation handlers with the unique factor of being a competing mother and daughter.

Winky the Bichon Friese did not really care for the “competitive” aspect of the agility competition, preferring a leisurely stroll so the cameras could admire the fuzziness. Twitter greatly approved of this approach.

Staff dog Banjo wanted to join in on the agility fun, too.

I know Poodles are really intelligent, it’s just…they look ridiculous. Especially when galloping around an agility course.

I’m not exactly sure how the sport of obedience works, but congratulations to Heart the black Labrador for winning the Masters Obedience Championship!

These guys thought they’d have their own mini show, and asked Mom to judge. (They all won their categories, but the verdict is out on Best in Show.)

Jasper the Bernese Mountain Dog had a great time watching the festivities. The Bernese Mountain Dog is from the Swiss Alps, and is part of the Working Group.

Bailey the Beagle finds the pretentiousness of dog shows a little dull, and thought his time would be better spent by taking a nap.

This pupper was very impressed with all the winners from all classes, categories and events, and thought a reverential bow was in order.

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What was your favorite part of Westminster Week and the 2019 WKC Dog Show? We’d love to hear from you in the comments, or on our Facebook or Twitter pages.