Animal Planet’s Dr. Hendersons talk about vet reality and new show

Photo provided by Animal Planet
Photo provided by Animal Planet /
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Drs Anthony, Ryan and Ross Henderson as seen on Season 1 of Hanging with the Hendersons. Photo provided by Animal Planet.
Drs Anthony, Ryan and Ross Henderson as seen on Season 1 of Hanging with the Hendersons. Photo provided by Animal Planet. /

Dog O’Day – What advice would you give to those interested in a career in animal medicine?

Dr. Ryan – “We have teenagers who shadow us, high school, college kids. My biggest recommendation is, I kind of already said it, but you kind of have to, at least if you’re a general practitioner, you do have to enjoy people’s company. You do have to actually talk to people. A big part of the job is that client connection, and it’s not just about the animals. Obviously loving animals is very important, but you also gotta love the owners behind those animals and get along with them.”

Dr. Tony – “People skills. You can be the nicest guy in the world and be a veterinarian, and as long as you get along with people and do well at that part of communicating. Or you could be a brilliant technician, surgeon, academic, with no bedside manner, and nobody will like you. Sure, it’s always nice to have a little grind, but communication skills are probably one of the most important things in veterinary medicine.

Dr. Ross – “My little add-on is to get proactive and really into it, to get a grasp of what is involved. And that’s gonna take experience. So I think if they’re young, shadowing, if they’re teenagers, then volunteering at places that involve animals, shelters, vet clinics, sanctuaries. If they’re in university, then they might even get more access and an even deeper look. Kind of count the cost of doing things. And do well in school.”

How many episodes will the show run?

Dr. Ross – “We’ve got twelve episodes, starts this Friday at 9 p.m. ET. We’re super excited. Make sure everybody watches, it’s gonna be the coolest show they’ve ever seen.”

Dr. Tony – “They are an hour, so make sure everyone knows that.”

Dr. Ross – “Right, they are an hour with commercials. There’s about 44 minutes or so of footage per episode.”

So because we’re a dog website, I got to ask – do you guys have a favorite dog breed?

Dr. Ross – “Uh…mine’s a very meek hybrid, it’s called a Vizsla/English Retriever. Which is exactly what my dog is.”

Dr. Ryan – “I currently have four dogs with my fiancée Natalia, so…I can’t pick, I’m so sorry. [Laughs] It would be a disservice to three of ‘em!”

Dr. Tony – “The British Golden Retriever Lord Barrington, you will see some of his escapades on the Animal Planet Facebook – they have a special on him, cause he’s my dog – He’s pretty awesome, has zero anxiety, weighs 107 pounds (which is not overweight), he’s very, very nice-“

Dr. Ross – “He’s literally sleeping at our feet right now.”

Dr. Tony – “He’s a good therapy dog, God forbid that I ever need therapy, though.”

Any final thoughts you’d like to add?

Dr. Tony – ““In 41 years I have never regretted joining this profession, and after 41 years I still love coming to work, and that’s a testimony to my family, and the staff, and the public. It works out absolutely great, it’s like seeing old friends when I come to work, and their animals and their family. It’s marvelous.”

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Again, the premiere episode of Hanging with the Hendersons airs on Animal Planet on Friday, January 11 at 9 p.m. ET. You’ll love spending time with the Dr. Hendersons and the whole Fox Hollow clan.

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