Ford has designed a sound proof kennel for dogs afraid of fireworks

Alberta SPCA (Photo by Jack Taylor/Getty Images)
Alberta SPCA (Photo by Jack Taylor/Getty Images) /

Ford might be known for their automotive division, but now they have gone to the dogs with a sound proof kennel perfect for blocking out fireworks.

There are certain holidays that are loud, wild, and can be rather scary for our dogs. Whether it is New Year’s Eve or the Fourth of July, fireworks are known to upset dogs, because of the constant loud noise. However, thanks to Ford, our pups may not have to be afraid for long.

According to the Verge, it seems that the automotive company has designed a kennel that is sound proof by actually cancelling out the noise outside of the kennel. In a promotional video that the company released, a dog trainer explained that fireworks are not a natural noise, and it is something that many dogs are aware of, which elevates their fear.

Ford explained that, “the kennel, like many high-end headphones, is outfitted with microphones that detect loud noises and cue the speakers to pipe in sound-canceling frequencies.” On top of the microphones actively working to eliminate these loud noises, the kennel also features panels that work to cancel out noises from the outside, a ventilation system that is also sound proof, a door, and even “anti-vibration block risers.”

It seems that the reason the company decided to design this kennel was to showcase how the noise cancelling technology they use in their vehicles can be used in other applications outside of automobiles. The prototype was essentially designed as an experiment to show how the technology they have developed can be used in other ways. And while the sound proof kennel may not be available for purchase by consumer right now, if there is actual interest in the product, Ford said they would consider pushing forward with production.

As a dog owner, I certainly hope Ford does decide to mass produce these kennels. Not only would this be excellent for pups afraid of fireworks, but just in general, it might be the perfect way to help dogs dealing with anxiety find comfort and security in peace.

For now, we will have to wait to see if the attention that Ford’s sound proof kennel is receiving is enough to convince them there is a genuine market for this technology.

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