Fandom 250: The canine contingent making the list

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Fandom 250 ranks the internet’s top fanbases each year.

Dog O’Day is part of the FanSided Network, which consists of over 300 sites spanning sports, entertainment and lifestyle. So we present the dog edition of the 2018 Fandom 250 list.

“In a world that is feeling increasingly divided and where some folks seem to take delight in tearing others down, it is nice to find some relief in the things that bring us together,” says FanSided Vice President of Content Patrick Allen.

When we can, FanSided sites like to cross-promote for each other, and we’ve gotten several stories out of tips from FoodSided, like these. Many people within the network contribute content for multiple sites. For example, Wesley also writes for Bam Smack Pow, covering superhero TV/movies, and Kimberley also writes about movies for Culturess and fast food for Guilty Eats.

So we’re happy to spread the word about this year’s Fandom 250 list – giving it our own doggy spin, of course.

Here’s how it works: A group of editors and staff rated internet fandoms across all four major-league sports leagues, the NCAA Division I schools, celebrities, sports figures, movies, TV, music and brands. There were five criteria used: Legacy (10 points), Fansmanship (25 points), Passion (25 points), Buzz (25 points) and Magnitude (15 points).

Several committees were formed to rank each entry, and the scores were averaged together. “Legacy” refers to how loyal the fans are, and how long they’ve been around. “Fansmanship” is about making a community that feels welcoming and enjoyable to be around. “Passion” is how far a fan is willing to go to support their team. “Buzz” means that people are talking about them, either on social media, TV, or word of mouth. “Magnitude” is about how visible and iconic fandoms have become over time.

Okay, now that’s out of the way, let’s start the countdown.