Flyball: 2018 CanAm Classic divisions for Friday’s racing

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - OCTOBER 31: A Border Collie competes in the Flyball during The World Dog Games at Acer Arena on October 31, 2009 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Brendon Thorne/Getty Images)
SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - OCTOBER 31: A Border Collie competes in the Flyball during The World Dog Games at Acer Arena on October 31, 2009 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Brendon Thorne/Getty Images) /

Flyball’s Super Bowl (or more accurately, Daytona 500) will be Oct. 12-14, with a full schedule of racing planned.

Nearly a hundred clubs from all over the United States and Canada will be competing in the 10th annual CanAm Classic flyball tournament, the largest tournament that is sanctioned by the North American Flyball Association (NAFA).

(For more information about flyball basics, see our introduction to the sport here.)

The event will be held at the Indiana State Fairgrounds in Indianapolis.

98 clubs from everywhere from Alaska and Alberta to South Carolina are represented through 230 teams, most clubs bringing between two and four teams, though the Iowa City-based club Skidmarkz leads the pack with seven teams.

The CanAm Classic will have three classes: Regular, Multibreed, and Open. (For more info on classes, see our introduction to flyball listed above.) Each class is broken down into teams of roughly similar ability.

On Friday and Saturday, each team will race every other team in their division, with the fastest teams from each class moving on to Sunday’s by-invitation-only racing.

The winning team (three out of five heats) in each race will receive two points per victory.

Breakout times, used to prevent sandbagging, are established for each division slightly ahead of each team’s qualifying seed times.

In Multibreed 1, with no breakout time, are Alaska Dogs Gone Wild’s Running Wild, the Dixie Flyers’ Crash Landing and WingNuts, Happily Evfur After’s HEA The End, On the Flipside’s FLIPSIDE Multicultural and Outrun’s We Are Family.

In Open 1, also with no breakout time, are Fur Fun’s Open Fur Business, PSF’s Next of Kin, Ruff Enuff Open, Tail Wind (Skidmarkz), and the Unorthodogs’ Ignition Sequence.

Open 2 has a breakout time of 16.000 seconds, and features the Bay Racers’ Road Trip, Fur in a Blur’s Cyclone, the HEA Brat Pack, New River Rapids’ Nuts Dream Team and UnOpened (Unorthodogs).

Open 3’s breakout time is 17.000 seconds, and the group is made up of All Revd Up’s Afterburner, Animal Inn’s Hawk, the Lone Star Ruffnecks’ Rig Rats, Without a Paddle from NRR and the Omaha Speedracers’ StifflePower.

In Open 4 (breakout 17.700 sec) are Good2Go Flyball’s Leeroy Jenkins!, PSF’s Perfect Pairings, Syracuse’s Power Play, the Groms from Surf City Flyball and Quick Silver’s Dan’s Fans.

Open 5 (breakout 18.200 sec) holds Flash Freeze (ADGW), the Muttley Crew from A.R.F.F., the Canine Dirt Diggers’ Quicksand, Zirocco (Blur) and Revolution Flyball’s Splinter Cell.

Open 6 (breakout 18.500 sec) features Disorderly Conduct’s Iron, the Exhibitionists from DogGoneFast, HEA Furry Tales, the Pawmetto Pack’s Wide Open and Rabid Fire’s Hydrophobiacs.

In Open 7 (breakout 18.800 sec) are Turn N Burn (Revd), the Baystate Bandits’ Lawless, the BC Boomerangs’ NO WORRIES, Mutter Chaos’ Disarray, and Syracuse’s Orange Crush.

Open 8 (19.000 breakout) has the Barkaholics’ Hold Your Licker, NAFA Ghost, the Rocket City Racers’ Luna Rovers, Back Draft (Skidmarkz) and Finger of God from Texas Twisters EFS.

With a breakout time of 19.500 sec, we have Open 9, made up of the Ball Driven Bandits’ Outlaws, Fun & Games (Fur Fun), the Happy Hurdlers’ Jump, Swamped from NRR and Dysfunction Junction from New River Express.

In Open 10 (breakout 19.900) we have the Long Island Road Rage’s Roundtrip, RF Revolution’s Even Flow, Turbo Paws’ Downforce, Winnie and the Wonderdogs from Two-Lane Highway and the Weston Whirlwinds’ Thunder.

Open 11 features a 20.500 breakout and Bad Company’s Packing Heat, Weim Crimes (Mutter Chaos), Speeding Ticket from No Speed Limit, On the Road Again (Outrun) and No Doodle (Pawmetto).

Open 12 is the final group of the class for Friday with a 21.600 breakout, and competing in this group are NOR’EASTER (Boomerangs), the BarnStormers (Dixie Flyers), Go Dog Go’s One Pup Two Pup, the Low Riders (Two-Lane) and RUSH!’s When Pugs Fly!

Regular 1 has a 16.500 breakout, in this group are Born to Be Wild (ADGW), Blue Ridge Blast’s Unplugged, Gale Force (Blur), E-Z Goin’s ST Express and Fire in the Hole (Skidmarkz).

Regular 2 (breakout 18.000) contains Flyball MAINEiacs’ What the Fuzz, Zephyr (Blur), the Music City Road Dogs’ Iron Man, Fire and Rain (Outrun) and Powertrain (Turbo Paws).

In Regular 3 (18.900 breakout) are BASH (Boomerangs), the Shoe Smugglers (Good2Go), Light Speed (No Speed Limit), Rabid Fire’s Pyromaniacs and the Cosmic Strays (Rocket City).

Regular 4 (19.500 breakout) holds the Bandits (Ball Driven Bandits), the COBBERS (Boomerangs), the Happy Hurdler’s Hop, Iron Butterfly (Music City) and the Rockin Flyball Gang’s Loco Motion.

Completing the day’s racing is Regular 5 (breakout 20.700), composed of the Alamo Racing Canines’ Don’t Mess With Texas, Funk You Up (MAINEiacs), the Happy Hurdlers’ Skip, Nonstop (Long Island) and Mile High Velo-City’s Pure Energy.

For Saturday’s CanAm Classic division breakdown, click here.

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