Blue’s Clues getting a reboot with new title

Does the news that Blue’s Clues is returning make you want to wag your tail?

The Nickelodeon show for preschoolers will be returning at some point in the near future, and they have just cast the new host.

Joshua Dela Cruz will be the host of the new series, retitled Blue’s Clues and You., which will begin production on its initial 20-episode season later this month in Toronto, Ont.

Dela Cruz is a Broadway actor who has appeared in the short-lived ABC series Time After Time. 

This news was reported by a variety of sources, though Dog O’Day learned of the casting through Variety.

The show originally ran from 1996-2006, and was originally hosted by Steve Burns, who played a character named Steve, famous for his green-striped shirt.

Unlike other preschool-aged shows like Sesame Street, which bundle segment together, Blue’s Clues consisted of a single storyline each episode, which made it much easier for adults or older siblings to tolerate.

“I had the great honor of being a part of the search for the new host, and I give Josh two thumbs up!” Burns said in a statement. “He can definitely fill my shoes, and the rugby shirt.”

When Burns left the show in 2002 (Steve went off to college on a hopscotch scholarship), Steve’s brother Joe (orange shirt) started taking care of Blue. Joe was played by Donovan Patton, known mostly for voice-acting work in video games.

Each episode featured Blue and her caretaker solving a puzzle, with the help of the Handy Dandy Notebook and the Thinking Chair. Blue’s puzzle clues lead to lessons on patterns and shapes, while the show also taught anatomy, emotions, geography, and sign language.

Guest stars included Wynonna Judd, Lisa Kudrow and Marlee Matlin.

Blue is voiced by series creator Traci Paige Johnson, who has worked in various aspects of children’s television for three decades.

In appearance, Blue is a floppy-eared sky blue dog of uncertain breed, with navy blue splotches. Her best friend is Magenta, a light purple dog with dark purple splotches, who aside from her coloring and wearing glasses, looks identical to Blue.

Other characters included Mailbox, Tickety Tock the alarm clock, Slippery Soap and the Shaker family (Mr Salt, Mrs Pepper, daughter Paprika and son Cinnamon).

Joe also appeared in the 2004-07 spinoff Blue’s Room, where Blue was a puppet who could talk.

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