Let’s be real, we’re all this dog after New Year’s Eve (Video)


The New Year has arrived, but let’s be real and admit none of us recovered until the day after.

In a given year, one that doesn’t leap join February, they say there are 365-days. That’s a profound lie, as we all know damn well that our year doesn’t really get started until January 2nd. The hangover from New Year’s Eve — whether you drank or not — hits us all and that first day of the year is almost always a wash.

That’s why there isn’t a better way to capture our feeling about slogging into the New Year better than our Dog of the Day. This guy came to us courtesy of Redditor u/GallowBoob and perfectly represents all of us:

Credit: Reddit/GallowBoob
Credit: Reddit/GallowBoob /

Hopefully this guy, like the rest of us, got a little rest before having to be thrown back into the everyday life that the new year will bring.

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