Slinky Dog was one of the best things about Toy Story (Video)


It’s #ThrowbackThursday, and we’re tossing it back to one of our favorite animated dogs.

We all love Toy Story —  it’s one of those films that just resonates with everyone. It takes an idea that once you hear it, you can’t forget. Tell me you’ve left a room and not wondered if things come to life. We know they don’t, but then again do we really know?

There are too many awesome characters in the movies to count, but we all have our favorites. Most people are in the Buzz or Woody faction, but there’s a loyal following for Slinky Dog.

Slinky Dog is the epitome of a perfect background character who is reliable, friendly and generally well-liked. Just like our real life best friends.

Interesting non-dog related fact: Blake Clark does the voice of Slinky Dog in Toy Story 3. The original voice actor, Jim Varney, died in 2000. He was able to record his lines for Toy Story 2 before his death, and it’s almost uncanny how much Clark and Varney sound exactly alike.

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