We should strive to be as happy in life as this dog in a bath (Video)


Monday is always a rough day, but we don’t have to start the week out on the wrong foot thanks to our Dog of the Day.

Usually Monday’s are the worst. It’s a tired cliche, but one that is particularly hard this time of the year. Most folks are coming off a holiday weekend which included a shortened work week.

Now it’s back to the full week grind, and the allure of the holiday season awaiting us in December is making things feel like they’re dragging. Of course, what better way to break out of that than by checking out our Dog of the Day.

We try to find something really good for your Monday viewing. This week is no exception, as Bath Dog is about a much of a gem as one can be.

Just watch how much this guy loves splashing around in the tub. Strive to love life as much as this.

This little guy is an inspiration. Also, I’m not sure if this was just a bath that he crashed, but if it’s not then the Lush-style bathing this dog indulges in is next level.

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