We need to talk about how awesome this pet adoption ad is (Photo)


Can we please talk about how amazing this pet adoption ad is, and all the reasons it’s amazing?

Pet adoption is an important issue that seems to get tossed off to the side much too easily. We all adopt pets — either we have or are planning to — but there’s literally an art to letting people know that adoption is a dope method of giving an animal a safe and loving home it otherwise might not get.

Look no further than this amazing adoption ad to see what we’re talking about:

"Best pet adoption ad ever from aww"

For starters, the silhouettes of the animals, formed from the poses the humans are in, is just stunning. It’s an old optical illusion trick used like I’ve never seen before.  Then there’s a context of the family making the image, which is to show us that these animals aren’t merely things we adopt as a good deed, they are family members we haven’t met yet.

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