This dog’s reaction after going missing is priceless (Photo)


A dog that went missing couldn’t be happier to be reunited with his owner after what looks like a strenuous venture.

Nothing terrifies a dog owner more than knowing that your four-legged friend has gone missing. Alternately, there is no stronger feeling of relief than when your dog has returned home safe and unharmed.

That was the case for Theodore (or Teddy for short). He went missing for a brief period, which caused his owner some serious distress. Luckily, he returned home safe and was able to help create an amazing photo to mark the reunion.

That’s a dog who has seen some things in his travels. At his core, though, this dog named after President Teddy Roosevelt is just a young pup that likes the simple things in life.

“He loves playing outside, especially in fall because he likes to run through leaves,” Teddy’s owner told us. “Snow is his absolute favorite, he buries his face in it and it’s adorable.”

Now that Teddy is home safe, we can rest assured he’s probably cuddling somewhere close to his owner.

“We cuddle all the time, and when I get home from work he jumps in my arms!”

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