Meet Duke, a lovable dog who is never too big to cuddle (Photo)


Some dogs grow up on the outside but never truly stopping puppies at heart.

We all love watching our dogs grow up. From the early days of teaching them about the world around them to the fun of having another adult companion around, dogs are generally amazing.

They’re even more amazing when their personality shines through no matter what stage of life they’re in. That’s what today’s Dog of the Day represents to the fullest. His name is Duke, and no matter if he’s a puppy or a grown dog, the fun never leaves his heart.

Here’s Duke as a puppy and today:

“Despite being 100+ pounds, he’s convinced he’s a lab dog and loves to sit on people’s laps,” Duke’s owner told us. Duke also sounds like the perfect gentle companion despite his size. “We once got him a Scooby Doo stuffed animal and he carried that thing around the house wherever he’d go and would not let our other dog, Hershey who loves to rip up their toys and destuff them, anywhere near it.”

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