Frida has saved more than 50 people from Mexico’s earthquake (Photo)


Today’s Dog of the Day is a true hero, as she has saved more than 50 people who were trapped after the devastating earthquake in Mexico.

The devastating earthquake in Mexico this week has already killed more than 200 people, with hundreds more trapped beneath the rubble. The death toll is catastrophic, but it could be a lot worse if not for the quick actions and relentless effort by first responders.

One of those first responders is a four-legged hero who is still, as we speak, saving lives. Frida is part of the ‘Marina’ and has already saved more than 50 lives and counting. She has been working almost constantly since the earthquake occurred but has managed to sneak in some much-deserved rest.

We spoke with some of those close to the search and rescue efforts, who urged donations for not only the victims but to aid the first responders.

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