Meet the most adorable dog you’ll see all day (Photo)


Meet today’s Dog of the Day, your new favorite puppy crush and the most adorable thing you’ll see all day.

Puppies can be a handful, every dog owner knows that. But for every accident in the house we have to clean up, there are so many moments of pure joy that seem to make that hardships seem not that bad.

That’s the case for Ollie and how owners. This little pup might still get so excited to meet new people that his little bladder can’t handle it, but there’s too much to love to get upset.

Just look at him, he’s the cutest thing you’ll see all day:

“He’s still a puppy, so he loves chewing shoes,” Ollie’s owner told us. “But he loves frozen carrots and adventures”.

Here’s to hoping little Ollie has a life ahead of him full of adventures and frozen carrots. For the sake of his owners, let’s also hope for dry floors.

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