Boise State has a dog that retrieves the kickoff tee (Video)

Credit: Reddit
Credit: Reddit /

Boise State football has a dog that retrieves the tee after every kickoff, making this the coolest dog in College Football.

College Football is back, and with it comes fun little quirks that remind us why we love the game so much. Whether it’s tailgating or some other Saturday tradition, College Football is a cult unlike any other and just about everything involved is instantly sacred and amazing.

Boise State’s kickoff dog is no exception. In fact, it’s part of what we love so much about Saturdays, and it combines football with our love of dogs. The Mustangs have a tradition where a dog runs out and retrieves the kicking tee after every kickoff.

You truly have to see it to fully appreciate it:

"Boise State has a dog who retrieves the tee after Kickoffs from interestingasfuck"

It’s simple things like this that make us not only love football but enjoy dogs. It’s not a complicated moment: a dog runs onto a field to do a job and then return. But it’s the unbridled glee that you can just tell this dog is feeling that takes it to a whole different place. It’s special, and anyone who says otherwise is just being salty about it.

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