Watch this dog adorably beg for attention (Video)


We were all this adorable dog begging for attention at one point in our lives.

There’s nothing we love more as dog owners than to have our best friend long for our attention. Not in a way in which we’re being neglectful, but to have our dogs show us love out simply because they want to show it, is a good feeling.

Fitz, a two-year old Great Dane/Lab/Sharpei mix, is exactly that kind of dog. The one that will show you attention and not let up until he gets it.

Just watch and try not to smile at this guy:

You can just see imagine what’s going on in this guy’s head:

“Hey. Hey, you. Hello. Please give me attention, all I want is love!”

The best part about this story is this moment of unabashed love was completely organic. Fitz’s owner says that adopting him wasn’t something that was planned out ahead of time.

“Adopting him was completely serendipitous because the day I adopted him from the shelter I was supposed to run errands but I went to the shelter instead. He walked right up to me, sat in my lap, and put his head on my shoulder. It was love at first sight.”

Now Fitz lives an ambidextrous life full of bacon, ice cubes and grunting conversations. But he’ll never be able to get enough love and attention.

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