College Football Top Dog power rankings: Week 2


College Football is back, and whether you have a team to root for or not we have some dog mascots to help you get invested.

With hundreds of colleges across the country, you’d think that more of them would have dog mascots. Unfortunately, there’s a shockingly low amount of teams with dog mascots. There is a Horned Frog, and about a million cat mascots, but dogs get no love. That only makes our weekly rankings of them even more competitive.

Not every team played last week, as Yale kicks off its football season this weekend. But we’re a week in, and the spot at the top is wide open. Not only do teams have to actually perform on Saturday, but their mascot has to win the day too.

How do things stack up heading into another slate of games? Let’s look at who tops our dog mascot power rankings as Week 2 of the season is set to kick off:

1. Georgia Bulldogs (1-0, vs. Notre Dame)
Mascot: Uga X

The Bulldogs are the No. 15 team in the country,  so it’s very hard to argue against them as the top team. We’re going to see what kind of team Uga X represents this weekend when Georgia tries to get past Notre Dame, ranked No. 24. It could be a tough game, as the Irish are looking for a signature win to make the case to rise in the rankings.

2. Tennessee Volunteers (1-0, vs. Indiana State)
Mascot: Smokey X

A lot is on the line for Tennessee this weekend, as not only can they move up in the AP Top 25 but they can possibly dethrone Georgia as our Top Dog. Also, Smokey X is low-key one of the best college mascots out there. Tennessee doesn’t come right out with the dog mascot in their team name. They’re subtle about it. Oh, there’s also the time Smokey X busted loose and sprinted like he was playing in the game:

3. Yale Bulldogs (0-0, vs. Lehigh)
Mascot: Handsome Dan XVII

This is the season opener for Yale, and our first chance to root for what might be the best dog mascot name out there. Yale isn’t known as a football powerhouse, but Handsome Dan is probably the most badass name for a football dog. It’s eloquent yet lets you know who is in charge. For the name alone, Yale is on the move in our power rankings.

Look at this guy:

Do not mess with Handsome Dan.

4. UConn Huskies (1-0, vs. USF)
Mascot: Jonathan XIV

We’re boarding on wolf/dog territory here but they’re all one in the same. Huskies are gorgeous animals, ones that we can’t help but notice when they’re out and about with their owners. UConn has a history of athletic success on the basketball court, but maybe this is year that translates to the gridiron.

5. Mississippi State Bulldogs (1-0, vs. Louisiana Tech)
Mascot: Bully XXI

Bulldogs seem to be overused in sports, but Mississippi State not only has a great team but an awesome mascot as well. Interestingly enough, Louisiana Tech has a dog mascot as well. So if they can pull off the upset here, the Bulldogs might find a spot in the power rankings. A lot on the line here in the unofficial Dog Bowl.

6. Tulsa Golden Hurricanes (0-1, vs. LA-Lafayette)
Mascot: Goldie

Here’s a case where the mascot doesn’t totally match up with the nickname. Tennessee has a similar case, but dogs were used in the Civil War and with Volunteer squads. Hurricanes and dogs don’t ever mix, but Goldie — Tulsa’s Golden Retriever mascot — is far too gorgeous to be ignored.

Just a thought, but “Hurricanines” isn’t the worst name if you’re going for creativity (which Tulsa certainly seems to be doing with its mascot-nickname combo).

Check back on Tuesday for our updated College Football Dog power rankings. If you think there’s a case to be made for a team too high or low — or not on the list — let us know and try and see if we can be convinced to make a change.