Target dog inside of a Target is Inception-level meta (Photo)


It’s Freaky Friday, which means the weekend is almost here and looking at adorable dogs never felt better.

The weekend is almost here, and it’s time to get freaky. It was a short work week, but that doesn’t mean the light at the end of our weekly tunnel isn’t just as bright as it always is.

Someone on Reddit posted a picture of the dog they adopted recently, and the picture is about as meta as it gets. It’s a dog — a Jack Russell Terrier — that the Target dog was based on. Not only that but the dog is sitting in a Target cart, which is like Inception with dogs.

Just look at this guy and try to say you didn’t think the same thing:

Credit: Reddit/awww
Credit: Reddit/awww /

He’s also adorable as all can be, which doesn’t hurt either. He’s totally smiling for this picture too, which is the cherry on top!

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