WNBA star Elena Delle Donne playing with her Great Dane is everything (Video)

Credit: Elena Delle Donne/IG
Credit: Elena Delle Donne/IG /

WNBA superstar Elena Delle Donne has a super sized dog to horse around with when she’s not hosing people on the court.

Washington Mystic’s superstar forward Elena Delle Donne is both just like us and nothing like us at all. She’s an All-Star WNBA, a world-class talent on the court and one of the greatest basketball players on the planet.

But the bridge between someone of Donne’s talent and normal people like us is a love of dogs. It’s something that brings all sorts of different people together, as there are few things as universally relatable as loving our canine best friend.

Donne posted a video to her Instagram of her playing around with her massive Great Dane, and it’s amazing:

Athletes — or just celebrities in general — showing their love for dogs is nothing new. Just this week Chris Evans went viral after posting a reunion video with his dog, who freaked out after not having seen him for 10 weeks.

Donne is already a favorite WNBA player to scores of fans of the game. Showing her love for her Great Dane is sure to win over some new fans looking for a team and player to get invested in.

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