Let’s talk about how awesome Vincent from Lost was (Video)


It’s Throwback Thursday, which means we look back at a memorable pop culture canine who still has a special place in all of our hearts.

Gosh, I really love these Throwback Thursday posts. I’ve never thought more about pop culture dogs and how perfect they are, and today’s canine might be the best yet.

Lots of us watched Lost, whether it was during the initial run or later on streaming. No matter how you watched it we all became attached to the same thing — Vincent the dog.

Vincent was the embodiment of everything we look for in our fury friends. He was loyal beyond comprehension, would protect those he loved or cared about and was a bright shining light at the center of an otherwise dark and dire situation.

Here’s a little look back at some of his finest moments on Lost: 

He was as much a member of the cast as Matthew Fox and others. In fact, he was there through the entire series right up to the finale. Go back and watch the pilot, Vincent is in the very first scene with Jack. He’s literally there from the start.

Now that’s what we call consistency!

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